Welcome to Howick Psychology


Howick Psychology is a group practice with friendly clinical psychologists who will do their utmost to ensure your goals, needs and best interests are suitably addressed.

We specialise in helping individuals (children, adolescents and adults), families and couples. Our aim is to assist you in speedy attainment of your goals and needs.


Life guarantees us experience of losses, troubled feelings, as well as happiness along the way. Are you experiencing problems within yourself, at work, or with your intimate others? Do you want your life to be different? If so we can provide you with the guidance needed, the skills, insight and capability to manage emotions and to think and act differently.

Sometimes we can work things out by ourselves. Other times we need more than just a friend to lean on. If you are thinking it is time to start therapy with experienced professionals, the Howick Psychology team are willing to help.


If you want a team who lead with their hearts, are well informed in the science of wellness, are practical and collaborative, consider working with us.


Please contact us now at 09 535 6624 or
e-mail Ann for an Appointment: ann@howickpsychology.co.nz