About Howick Psychologists


Formerly known as Howick House Associates, the change to Howick Psychology took place in August 2012. John Thickpenny established Howick House Associates in 1987 and has worked alongside others in this practice  throughout.

We are currently a group practice of highly experienced clinical psychologists who offer a wide range of  expertise and experience.

We specialise in effective short-term therapy for dealing with issues of depression, anxiety, grief, loss and stress, as well as difficulties in interpersonal relationships, parenting and general life adjustment.

When you contact Howick Psychology you will be greeted by our friendly Practice Manager Ann. She will consider  your needs and wishes and do her best to match you with which ever member of our clinical psychology team you feel you can relate to positively.

During the last four years Howick Psychologists has been providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programmes for depression under funding by East Health Public Health Organisation. General Practitioners within the East Health PHO can refer patients who are enrolled with them under the Chronic Care Management of Depression Programme for funded CBT sessions to address their depression. Your GP will assess whether or not you meet criteria and will seek approval for the funded CBT from East Health.

The funding provided by East Health enables free therapy for up to 6 sessions with a clinical psychologist. Once funding approval is received from East Health you will be contacted by our Practice Manager Ann to discuss your availability and arrange appointment times.



Howick Psychology